Since inception of the Maxiflo® ejector system in 1990, numerous local and foreign companies have converted their plants, with startling results. Unequalled in both performance and reliability, the Maxiflo® provides a lasting condensate removal solution, with a host of benefits such as:

Improved Thermal Efficiency Of Process Equipment

Maxiflo® discharges condensate continuously as it's formed, thereby maximising heat transfer to the process. Kinetic energy from the continuous discharge simultaneously ejects other thermal insulators such as air and non-condensable gases. This can increase the efficiency of process equipment by up to 20%, resulting in improved temperature profiles and higher production output.

The following graphics illustrate the ill-effects of thermal insulators lodged on heat transfer surfaces.



Condensate layers, air and non-condensable gases trapped on heating surfaces have a significant impact on the heat transfer efficiency as shown below.



Reduced Steam Consumption

On total plant conversions, the Maxiflo® ejector system reduces steam consumption in the following two ways:

  1. Primary savings is achieved by improving the thermal efficiency of process equipment, as discussed above. Thermal efficiencies can increase by as much as 20% after Maxiflo® plant conversions, resulting in lower steam demand for the same process.

  2. Secondary savings is achieved by eliminating excessive steam loss from worn or failed steam traps, unbalanced cascade systems or thermocompressors. Excessive steam loss is eliminated with the Maxiflo® because the system is specifically sized for each individual application. Because there are no moving parts, the Maxiflo® performance remains consistent throughout its long lifespan.

Low Maintenance

The Maxiflo® system has no moving parts and therefore doesn’t require spare parts, replacements or regular inspections.

Owing to its unique design (see below), the Maxiflo® ejector doesn’t need to be physically removed and cleaned like with fixed orifice steam traps. Only a periodic blowdown is recommended to purge debris from the integral mesh.

Maxiflo® vs Fixed Orifice Traps

The biggest problem with fixed orifice steam traps is that the actual orifice blocks down stream (at the back), from ferric oxide deposits (red dust) present in the condensate system. These microscopic particles, which can’t be filtered out, cause a gradual decrease in performance over time, as the narrowing of the orifice passage restricts condensate discharge.

By contrast, the Maxiflo® has a unique ejector design which passes all microscopic particles straight through the narrow passages and deposits them downstream, where performance is unaffected.


Further advantages of Maxiflo® ejectors over fixed orifice steam traps include:

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