The Maxiflo® system

The Maxiflo® ejector system represents a radical shift in technology from traditional methods such as steam traps, cascade systems and thermocompressors. The system has no moving parts and requires only blowdown maintenance.



Principle of Operation

Because Maxiflo® has no moving parts or cycles, it uses the physics law of two-phase flow to separate and discharge condensate continuously, while blocking the escape of live steam in the process. 

On start-up of equipment, the pre-sized ejector serves as a static outlet port, which freely discharges air and
start-up condensate. As the equipment reaches operating temperature, the lower running load mixes with the live steam and changes state from laminar to turbulent flow.

Even at low loads, the turbulent condensate discharges chokes the ejector enough to retain the live steam in the system. Air and non-condensable gases are also vented during operation.


Thermal image proves that discharging condensate (green) blocks the escape of live steam (red). There’s no evidence of any condensate back-up or excessive steam loss.

Varying Loads

On steam controlled equipment, the Maxiflo® operates efficiently on varying condensate loads from 100% down to 0%, because the Maxiflo® steam capacity is automatically regulated by the modulation of control valves, to the point where they can close completely if no heat is required.

On applications with constant pressure, the Maxiflo® still operates efficiently on varying loads as low as 5%, due to the volumetric difference between steam and condensate, as demonstrated in the example below:


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