1. Conversion to Maxiflo®
  2. Reduced capital outlay
  3. Projects paid from savings
  4. Ownership within 18 months

Maxiflo® is an integrated condensate removal system, not a steam trap.


Market Leaders

Corrugated Manufacturing
Laundry & Dry Cleaning
Timber Industry



Industrial Steam Products (ISP) is a specialist company which has been successfully trading since 1990. Also an accredited member of the Proudly South African initiative, ISP has a well-established client base, which includes many blue chip companies, state institutions and multinationals.

The company’s success is defined by its scientific approach to deliver innovative solutions to new challenges. All products are developed by ISP’s seasoned engineers and designers for specific applications and manufactured in-housed at the Johannesburg works. 

ISP’s technology is constantly adding value to many local and foreign companies, by producing substantial steam savings and a host of other benefits.


The Maxiflo® ejector is a custom designed condensate removal system which replaces traditional methods such as steam traps, cascade systems and thermocompressors. Companies’ worldwide have benefitted from Maxiflo® conversions with sustained steam savings, improved thermal efficiency of process equipment and reduced maintenance.  

ISP’s unique business model focusses on Maxiflo® plant conversions with reduced capital outlay. Projects are paid from the resultant energy savings within a predicted time frame, which rarely exceeds 18 months. Thereafter, the client takes ownership of the Maxiflo® system and peace of mind is ensured with an unconditional 10 year guarantee, including performance.

Proven Technology

The Maxiflo® ejector system is unrivalled because of its winning package of exclusive designs, application engineering know-how and decades of proven history in the market. Interlopers fail to reproduce the performance and reliability of the Maxiflo® ejector, with fixed orifice steam traps that result in sub-standard operation.

The Maxiflo® is an exclusive development of Industrial Steam Products, who are the holders of all registered trademarks, copyrights and intellectual property.

Many thousands of Maxiflo® ejectors have been supplied to a market fast abandoning conventional systems, in favour of high quality and reliability. The ultimate barometer of customer satisfaction is ISP's increasing market share.

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